About Us

Introduced in 2002, National AgriCare Group continues to dedicate by providing unique, cutting edge products to our valued customers. Today, NACG is equipped with diversified product lines in the field of Agriculture, Veterinary, Fisheries, Feed meals, Pharmaceuticals, Solar energy, Packaging and Real estate. The dynamic product portfolios of NACG in agriculture designed to meet the ever-changing market needs in country’s agricultural sector, that help increasing agricultural productivity to keep pace with the growing needs of our country’s rapidly expanding population. We partner with some world-renowned companies such as Valagro S.P.A, Italy; Sinochem Agrochemicals, China; Shanghai Agro-Chemicals Industry Co. China; Zhenjiang Inter-china import & Export Co. Ltd., China; Stroller USA; Blue Pacific Minerals, New Zealand; C.P. Seeds Co. Thailand etc. to help supplying our customers with better, safer and environment-friendly products.


National AgriCare Group always seeks to help and empower the farming communities by offering the best solutions so that they can enhance the yield per unit area and in return, can improve their livelihood. The peoples of Bangladesh utterly depend upon what farmers produce. During the 21st century, the farmers will have to grow much more food than that of the past century for attaining sustainable food system to feed the millions of people living below the poverty line.


Corporate Information


National AgriCare came into existence as an agrochemicals trading company in 2002, but formally incorporated in joint stock company as ‘National AgriCare Export & Import Limited’ in 2005 with some unique and innovative agricultural products. With the commencement of marketing across the country, the quality product lines along with dynamic and skilled sales force made a distinct difference in company’s position in the agro-based industry. Over this time, NACG continues to diversify its operations with some strategic business portfolios that made NACG a nationally significant business enterprise. In 2007, the company’s move into seed business by establishing ‘National AgriCare Seeds Limited’ encouraged customers to meet their long-cherished demand of quality seeds. In the same year, ‘National AgriCare Solar Power Limited’ was formed as a support for advanced and alternate source of energy from solar. The year of 2008 marked the beginning of an era of major operational diversity when the company moved into health care business by creating ‘One Pharma Limited’ to do marketing of pharmaceutical products across the country. In late 2008, NACG had undertaken two growth-oriented moves – ‘China GardenCity Development Limited’ to develop housing property in real estate sector and ‘National AgriCare & Youngsun Manufacturing Corporation Limited’ for package design and manufacturing in a joint venture with foreign partners from china. In view of strengthening its core business, NACG expands further into accessories business through forming ‘National AgriCare Accessories Limited’ in 2015.


To be a dynamic, technologically advanced and knowledge based first-in-class organization through unique and innovative solutions


To work with the success of our customers by offering best products in order to maximize the return of customer’s investment.


We are always focusing around a set of core values – highest quality, efficiency, safety and health, and respect for people


Awards and Recognitions


Our pride: outstanding awards and recognitions nationally-


  • President’s Industrial Development Award, 2014

National AgriCare has been honoured by receiving the country’s most prestigious award “President’s Industrial Development Award 2014” for the overall contribution to the industrial sector through innovation and product standards, R&D, CSR, Job creation and environmental protection.



  • Commercially Important Person (CIP), 2013

Our Honorable Managing Director Kbd KSM Mostafizur Rahman had been awarded by the People’s Republic of Bangladesh with the status of ‘Commercially Important Person’ under medium industry category for the year 2013, recognizing his contribution to job creation and economic growth of the country.


  • Krishi Biplob Sonmannona Puroshkar, 2009

Our Honorable Managing Director Kbd KSM Mostafizur Rahman received this award from the then Food and Disaster Management Minister Dr. Md. Abdur Razzak, MP on August 20, 2009 for his outstanding contribution to the overall development of country’s agriculture sector and farms community as well.


  • Sabuj Biplob Award, 2007

This prestigious award had been conferred upon to our Honorable Managing Director Kbd. KSM Mostafizur Rahman by the then Agriculture Advisor Dr. C.S. Karim on March 30, 2008 for his excellent service to the farmers of Bangladesh by supplying best micronutrient fertilizers (Librel Boron and Librel Zinc) and pesticides for increasing crop production in the country.


Facts and Figures

National AgriCare at a glance –

Year established – 2002

Corporate HQ – Farmgate, Dhaka

Number of staff – more than 250

Number of Subsidiaries – 6

Number of sales area office – 9 (Rajshahi, Bogra, Dhaka, Rangpur, Dinajpur, Mymensingh, Comilla,       Barisal and Chittagong)

Number of Distributors – Around 500

Number of Retailers/Sub-Retailers- Around 20,000

Factory – 2 (Situated at BISIC Industrial Area, Bogra)

Business Portfolios – Agricultural inputs (Pesticides, Fertilizers, PGRs, Hybrid seeds, Aquaculture and Animal Health products), Pharmaceuticals, Solar Power, Packaging Materials and Real estate