National AgriCare came into existence as an agrochemicals trading company in 2002, but formally incorporated in joint stock company as ‘National AgriCare Export & Import Limited’ in 2005 with some unique and innovative agricultural products. With the commencement of marketing across the country, the quality product lines along with dynamic and skilled sales force made a distinct difference in company’s position in the agro-based industry. Over this time, NACG continues to diversify its operations with some strategic business portfolios that made NACG a nationally significant business enterprise. In 2007, the company’s move into seed business by establishing ‘National AgriCare Seeds Limited’ encouraged customers to meet their long-cherished demand of quality seeds. In the same year, ‘National AgriCare Solar Power Limited’ was formed as a support for advanced and alternate source of energy from solar. The year of 2008 marked the beginning of an era of major operational diversity when the company moved into health care business by creating ‘One Pharma Limited’ to do marketing of pharmaceutical products across the country. In late 2008, NACG had undertaken two growth-oriented moves – ‘China GardenCity Development Limited’ to develop housing property in real estate sector and ‘National AgriCare & Youngsun Manufacturing Corporation Limited’ for package design and manufacturing in a joint venture with foreign partners from china. In view of strengthening its core business, NACG expands further into accessories business through forming ‘National AgriCare Accessories Limited’ in 2015.