From Managing Director’s Desk

md3“Develop Agriculture Improve lives and Livelihood”
National AgriCare Group is private companies actively involved in agricultural development activities as well as in promotion and dissemination of renewable energy technologies in rural Bangladesh. The organization is founded with a view to greening the economy of the country through reducing poverty, increasing crop productivity, creating jobs opportunity, bringing light in the rural non-grid areas and providing social safety network
All such activities of the organization are playing a vital role in enhancing overall agricultural growth and improving livelihood of the rural people. We believe better pesticide and seeds can help face the needs of our farmers. With this concept we’re working hard to sustain agricultural productivity.


In the coming days, the activities of National AgriCare will be strengthened working with more environment friendly technologies to serve the rural people better as well as help the country growing green with low carbon economy.



KSM.Mostafizur Rahman
Managing Director