National AgriCare Hybrid Seeds Ltd

‘National AgriCare Hybrid Seeds Limited’ is a sister concern of National AgriCare Group. NAHSL is playing a very important role towards maintaining food security of the country by distributing different hybrid and inbred varieties of cereal & vegetables. These high quality varieties have created a positive brand image and a foundation of trust among the farmers.

  • Hybrid Seeds:

Rice Seeds:

Variety: Janokraj (SQR-6)

Special Characteristics:

  • Resistant variety to cold and drought.
  • Sterility percentage very low.
  • No shattering and lodging tendency.
  • Cooking quality is very good.

Season: Boro and late Boro

Seed rate: 5 Kg/acre

Duration: 140-145 days

Yield: 110-120 Mon/acre


Maize seeds:

Variety: CP-838                

Special Characteristics:

  • Single cross hybrid
  • Excellent seed setting with complete tip filling.
  • Good lodging tolerance.
  • Uniform placement of cobs.
  • Stable and consistent yielder.
  • Disease and insect tolerance


Season: Rabi

Seed rate: 7-8 Kg/acre

Duration: 140-150 days

Yield: 10-12 MT/ha


  • Inbred Seeds:

Rice Seeds: BRRI Dhan-28

BRRI Dhan-29.