Cartaprid 95 SP


Cartaprid 95 SP is a systemic and translaminar activity insecticides with a combination of two different compounds- 93% cartap of organocarbamate group and 3% acetamiprid of neonicotinoid group. It acts on the central nervous system of the insect in which the cartap compound blocks the ganglionic cells and acetamiprid compound blocks the nicotinic acetylecholine receptor. Due to the translaminar movement of Cartaprid 95 SP, it controls the insects feeding on the unexposed bottom surface of the leaf, as well as from sucking insects that feed from plant juices inside the leaf. It is effective in controlling a wide variety of pests such as leaf-feeding, sucking as well as stem and fruit boring insects of rice, maize, potato, mango, banana, pulse and oil crops as well as vegetable crops.