Combi-2 30 EC


Combi-2 is combination of two fungicide active ingredients from triazole class – 15% propiconazole and 15% Difenconazole. Between them, propiconazole compound inhibits the synthesis of cell membrane ‘ergesterol’, and difenconazole compound inhibits the synthesis of ‘C-14 demethylase”, a precursor of ergesterol. As a result, fungus cannot be able to do sporulation, spore germination and even formation of mycelium and its growth. Combi-2 acts as systemic fungicide with a broad range of activity against major foliar diseases of rice (sheath blight and sheath rot), wheat (stem rust), banana (sigatoka), mango (Anthacnose and powdery mildew), onion (Purple bloch), betel leaf (leaf spot), pulse and oil crops (Leaf spot) as well as vegetable crops.