Changer 18 WP


Changer 18 WP is a systemic mixed herbicide for controlling annual and perennial grasses, sedges as well as broad-leafed weeds in transplanting rice field. It is used as both pre- and post-emergence herbicides due to the synergistic herbicidal effects of two different herbicides, namely- acetachlor (14%) under chloracetanilide, and bensulfuron-methyl (4%) under sulfonylurea group. Bensulfuron-methyl stops the growth of weeds and then makes the weeds withered until death in 5-10 days by inhibiting biosynthesis of branched-chain amino acids. On the other hand, acetachlor disturbs nucleic acid metabolism and protein synthesis to prevent growth of buds and radicle of weeds. It has the advantages of broad herbicidal spectrum, low cost, and delayed resistance.