Superclean 53 WP


Superclean 53 WP is the mixture of mefenacet and bensulfuron-methyl, with both advantages of anilide and sulfonylurea Herbicide group. It has the features of powerful synergistic effect, safety to crop and environment, and low cost. It has wide herbicidal spectrum that effectively prevents and kills both annual & perennial grass (narrow-leaved) weed, sedge (narrow- & broad-leaved) weeds, and dicotyledon (broad-leaved) weeds, including cockspur grass, johnson grass, quack grass, monochoria, foxtails, smallflower umbrellaplant, rice flatsedge, threesquare grass, oriental water plantain. Non-ionic surfactant inside Superclean 53 WP deter the decrease of effectiveness due to post-application raining.Superclean 53 WP can be used in direct seeded rice in upland or puddled land conditions, and transplanted rice field.