Ripen-15 contains an organo-phosphate compound ‘ethylene (C2H4)’ under ethophone group which is the only gaseous plant hormone. Ripen-15 is a synthetic growth regulating agent that control or regulate germination, growth, metabolism, reproduction and other physiological activities. Most of the plants initiate the production of flowers after Ripen-15 treatment. Once flowers are initiated, Ripen-15 promotes the formation of fruits. Commercial growers deliberately initiate flower and fruit development by applying Ripen-15 to flowering (both apical and lateral) buds. Not only does this ensure that all the flowers will set fruit, it also maximizes the likelihood that all the fruits will be ready for harvest at the same time. It also influences a wide range of developmental processes, including seed germination, shoot elongation, blossoming, fruit ripening, leaf abscission and senescence. Ripen-15 can initiate the climacteric in a number of fruits and used commercially to ripen tomatoes, bananas, pineapples, mangoes, melons etc. The ability of Ripen-15 to affect the ratio of male and female flowering in monocious cucurbitaceous crops has important commercial applications. Various study showed that Ripen-15 induced femaleness (pistillate flowers) on the main stem that led to greater food production.

Mode of actions:

Ripen-15 is a plant growth regulator with systemic properties. It penetrates into the plant tissues, and is decomposed to ethylene, which affects the growth processes.

Directions for use:

Use only as directed. ETHEPHON 480 SL must only be applied with a calibrated sprayer that is in good working order. The efficacy of the product may be impaired due to abnormal environmental conditions The influence of temperatures during 24 hours immediately after Ripen-15 treatment at flowering stage had no effect on the functions of Ripen-15 as well as on the quality of the fruit. Ripen-15 only becomes effective 7 to 10 days after application. Allow 7 days between last application and harvesting of crops/fruits.


Application field & rates


Mode of actions


Sugarcane Increase sucrose content 1 L / 300 L water / ha. Ensure thorough coverage by means of aerial foliar application. To obtain maximum benefit, apply only to actively growing cane 6 to 12 weeks before harvest.
Pineapples Colouring of fruit 1.0 to 1.5 L / 500 L water / ha. Ripen-15 may affect sugar concentration unless applied at or just after natural colour change. For uniform colouring, ensure a thorough coverage of fruit with the spray solution. For maximum benefit direct spray on fruit only.
Tomato Induce flowering, uniform ripening, increasing yield 20 ml/ 10 L water. Apply to plants when they are ready to be forced to flower. NOT SUITABLE FOR FRESH MARKET TOMATOES. Apply as a full cover spray approximately 10 days prior to anticipated harvest. Some yellowing and general aging of foliage may be observed following treatment.
Wheat Reducing the incidence of lodging in susceptible varieties grown under conditions conducive to lodging 1.0 to 1.25 L / ha. Apply between stages 15 (matured flag leaf visible) and 16 (awns of the ear visible). . Ground Application: Ensure the spray boom is approximately 50 cm above the crop. Apply as a full cover spray in 250 to 450 litres water per hectare.
Cotton To accelerate opening of mature, unopened cotton bolls 1.0 to 1.5 L / ha. Apply as full cover spray when 60 % of the bolls are open or mature. A boll is mature when it is very hard and won’t dent when squeezed, is difficult to slice with a sharp knife and the seed coat is light brown in colour. Ensure bolls are well covered by the spray. Ground application: Apply in 150 to 350 litres water per hectare. Some premature drop of small, immature bolls may be associated with the treatment.
Banana, Mango Enhancement of maturity  20 ml / 10 L water. Application as a full cover spray is performed 2 to 3 weeks before anticipated harvest. The addition of a registered wetting agent is recommended.
Grapes Advancement of maturity, Colour improvement 5 ml / 10L water. Apply foliar spray when 5-30% berries show color. Harvest at the correct degree of maturity, according to the sugar/acid content. Climate conditions can play a significant role in colour development and the breakdown of the active ingredient Ethephon. Ensure that the MRL levels is lower than the intended target value before picking commences.
Citrus Early detection of latent Citrus black spot 8 ml / 1 L water. Prepare an Ripen-15 suspension in a suitable container. Dip fruit into the suspension for five (5) minutes. Ensure all fruit are submerged. After removing the fruit from dipping, let them air-dry overnight. Store the fruit at approximately +/- 25°C under dry conditions for fourteen (14) days.
Rice,  Barley, Maize Increase of tillering,


20-30 ml/10L water. Use the higher rate on tall, vigorous crops, or varieties susceptible to heavy lodging and on irrigated crops. Apply once only, between early to late boot stage, but before awns or spikes/spikeleta emerge. DO NOT apply to crops under moisture or disease stress or to crops which have already lodged.
Cucurbitaceous vegetables Induce the staminate to pistillate flower ratio, Increase  number of fruit/plant, fruit setting 20ml/10L water. Apply three times: first at 8 leaves stage at 15 days after transplanting, second at 30 days after transplanting, third at or before flower initiation stage.
Tobacco Hasten the yellowing of mature tobacco leaves 1.0 to 1.25 L / ha. With an over-the-top application, all mature, sprayed leaves will begin to color within 24 to 72 h after ripen application. The yellowing process is weather dependent: cool weather will delay, while hot sunny weather can speed up the process. Harvest the treated tobacco when leaves have reached the desired colour intensity.