Stoller Rooton


Stoller Rooton is a water soluble granular plant rooting hormone, manufactured by world renowned plant health product manufacturer ‘StollerUSA’. Applying Stoller rooton can allow seedlings and plants to develop better root structure, regardless of the growing conditions. It is a unique solution for healthy roots that plays an important role in root initiation followed by wider and rapid lateral root development of young plants when applied at early vegetative stage.

Main Activities:

  1. Enhances early root growth and new root tissue
  2. Increase plant root hair which helps to absorb more nutrients from the soil
  3. Reduce the effects of plant stress and improve plant health, even in the most adverse conditions such as drought and extreme cold /heat.
  4. When applied at vegetative stage , it increases the number of effective tillers, growth of young plants and transplants, pigmentation and thickness of leaves.
  5. Reduce the physiological damages from insects and pesticides.
  6. When applied at pre-flowering or flowering stages, plants produce more fruiting branches and buds, more flowers and reduce flower and fruit drop.
  7. Ensures even and growth and maturity of fruits, improves colour, weight and texture of fruits that ultimately increases the self life of the fruit.
  8. In grain crops rooton increases the grain weight and quality which maximizes yield.


Stoller Rooton is water soluble and suitable for use in conventional liquid applicator systems. Shake it thoroughly and dilute in sufficient water to assure adequate, even coverage without producing runoff. Agitate the spray mixture during application. When applying ROOTON in a band or as a foliar diluted spray, reduce the application rate from the recommended broadcast rate in proportion to the percent of field surface area covered by the foliar spray. DO NOT apply Stoller rooton along with elemental sulphur or sulphur compound fertilizers. It is also advisable not to use Stoller rooton along with phosphorous or phosphate compound fertilizers.

Field of application:


Dosage rates (33 decimal area)

Grain crops such as rice, wheat, barly, etc

500 g

Cucurbitaceous crops such as bottle gourd, pumpkin, bitter gourd, teasel gourd, snake gourd, cucumber, water melon, musk melon etc

1 kg

Vegetable crops such as potato, tomato, brinjal, Chilli, okra, beans,  cauliflower, cabbage, turnip, carrot etc


Spice crops such as onion, garlic, ginger, tarmaric, coriander etc

1 kg

Fruit plants such as banana, orange, pineapple, papaya, mango, citrus etc

1 kg

Pulse and oil crops

1 kg

Maize, sugarcane and betel leaf

1.5 kg