Brexil Zinc


Brexil Zinc contains 10% zinc which is fully chelated by the best chelating agent EDTA. Here, Zn micronutrient is wrapped around EDTA that helps increasing the bioavailability of zinc to growing plants for a longer period of time through protecting from chemical reaction, decomposition and the influence of soil pH. Due to the chelation of Zinc, Brexil zinc is quickly absorbed and translocated to deficient areas of plant, and more economical than other conventional non-chelated zinc fertilizers as the Braxil Zinc do not get lost in soil. Brexil Zinc can be applied on many crops growing in soils with high to very low organic matter and from strong acid soils to high alkaline soils. It is also effective in both dryland and irrigated farming conditions. At present, Brexil Zinc is the strongest and fully chelated zinc on the market.