Librel Boron


Librel Boron is a powder boron fertilizer that contains the highest concentration of boron (20%) with maximum solubility in water. Bororn is one of the seven micronutrients essential to all plant growth. Without adequate levels of boron, plants may continue to grow and add new leaves but fail to produce fruits or seeds. A continuous supply of boron is important for adequate plant growth and optimum yields. Boron deficiency is very prominent in several crops and fruit trees such as peas, lentils, chickpeas, beans, mustard, rapeseeds, sugarcane, maize, potato, cauliflower, grapes, citrus etc.    Librel Boron is a versatile boron source that can be used either for soil or foliar application. Although foliar sprays of boron are often beneficial, but soil application remains effective much longer.