Super Silica


Super Silica is a silicon-based fertilizer having 72% silica (SiO2) that is classified as ‘agronomically important nutrient element’ in agriculture production. This element is taken up by plant roots as mono-silicic acid (H4SiO4) through xylem until it deposits under the cuticle and intercellular space that ultimately makes the plant more upright growth and stem rigidity (thus prevent lodging). Application of Super Silica helps to strengthen plant cell wall due to the deposition of silica under cuticle that enhances plants ability to resist insect and disease attack. It neutralizes soil acidity and deters the entry of soil-borne myco-pathogens into the silica-applied root zone. The silicon-accumulating crops which are highly benefitted from Super Silica are rice, wheat, Maize, cucumber, pumpkin and some vegetables. Super Silica can be applied through mixing with soil during land preparation/ mixing with seed at the time of sowing, or in digging hole near roots for old plants.