American NPKS


American NPKS is a foliar-applied mixed fertilizer providing four major nutrient elements of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur with a grade mixing ratio of 8:20:14:5. American NPKS is also a complete fertilizer as it contains all three principle elements extremely essential for overall plants growth and development. As a mixed fertilizer, American NPKS is more cost effective, time & labour-saving and need less care on the farmer’s part than individual elements applied separately. It has uniform particle size and highest water-solubility that enhance the instant and even miscibility with water. Due to the foliar application of American NPKS, it is quickly and easily taken up by plants when applied in seedbed, at early vegetative stage (increase tillering) and at panicle initiation stage (increase grain filling and weight) of rice, wheat, maize as well as initiate more fruit setting of vegetables and fruits.