Germisol P


Chemical composition of Germisol P is n-alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride 40% and stabilized urea 60%.

Germisol P is a powerful biocide for Fish and Shrimp that helps to prevent and eliminate pathogen diseases in fish and shrimp farming.  It effectively controls bacteria, fungi, algae and viruses.

Features and Benefits of Germisol P:

  • Helps to prevent a broad spectrum of pathogens
  • Penetrates into spores, and destroys contaminated sources which can spread microorganisms
  • Neutral pH: works in a pH range of 3 to 13
  • Penetrates into small pores and crevices of pathogens where other products cannot
  • Its surfactant action removes excess mucus containing parasites and bacteria
  • Used for pond treatment and sized treatment tanks
  • Non-corrosive, Eliminates odor, Eco-friend and biodegradable