Sharper 5 WDG


Sharper 5 WDG contains emamectin benzoate as active ingredient, is a semi-synthetic derivative of natural product abamectin in the avermectin family. Sharper 5 WDG is highly potent to a broad spectrum of lepidopterous pests. Sharper penetrates the plant cuticle to form a reservoir of active ingredient within the plant leaf through translaminar movement. This reservoir provides long residual insect control. Research shows Enfold is effective at low use rates and will be an excellent tool in integrated pest management programs.

Mood of action:  It inhibits muscle contraction, causing a continuous flow of chlorine ions in the GABA and H-Glutamate receptor sites.  Asphyxiate, systemic, stomach


Class: Avermectin Insecticide

Field of application:

Sharper 5 WDG is a powerful product that controls lepidoptera in rice, vegetables and cotton crops.

Crops Insects Dose 
Brinjal , Tomato Fruit Borer




1 gm/ liter water


Stem borer