Marker 2.5 EC


Marker 2.5 EC containing active ingredient “deltamethrin”, is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide based structurally on natural pyrethrins, which rapidly paralyze the insect nervous system giving a quick knockdown effect. Deltamethrin has very broad spectrum control. It is considered the most powerful of the synthetic pyrethroids. Marker 2.5 EC has very good residual activity for outdoor uses (field crops, cattle dip, tsetse) and for indoor uses (mosquitoes, stable flies, horsefiles, fleas, cockroaches, stored product insects).

Mood of action: Marker 2.5 EC kills insects on contact and through digestion.

Class: Pyrethroid Insecticide

Field of application:

Crops Insect Dose
Cotton Caterpillar 12 ml/10 liter water
Mango Hopper 20 ml/10 liter water