Fumitox 56%


Fumitox is a fumigants for stored cereal grains that contains 56% Aluminium Phosphide’ as active ingredient. Fumigation is only practical way to kill internal insects or insects deep within the grain mass

Mood of action: Fumitox is acted upon by atmospheric moisture to produce the toxic phosphine (PH3) gas. This phophine gas is highly toxic to insects, burrowing pests, humans and other forms of animal life.

Class:  Metal toxin

Dosage rate:  5-7 tablets (each of 3 gm)/t grain mass, tightly covered with fumigation sheet. Allow 7-10 days to fumigate depending upon the inside temperature.

Main features of Fumitox:

  • Highly toxic to all life stages of insects
  • Readily available and economical to use
  • Imparts no harmful residue to commodities
  • Non-flammable, non-corrosive, and non-explosive under normal application conditions
  • Non-injurious to product quality, seed germination, and end-use quality
  • Highly volatile with excellent penetration properties and easy to aerate
  • No adverse effect on the environment