Ucched 20 SL


Ucched 20 SL contains ‘paraquat’ as active ingredient which is a quarternary ammonium compound widely used for broadleaf weed control. It is a broad spectrum, quick acting and non-selective herbicide, that destroys green plant tissue on contact. Paraquat acts in the presence of light to desiccate the green parts of all plants with which it comes into contact. After application, penetration through the leaf surface occurs almost immediately.

Mode of Action: It destroys plant tissue by disrupting photosynthesis and rupturing cell membranes, which allows water to escape leading to rapid desiccation of foliage

Class: Bipyridylium  herbicide.

Major Benefits:

  • Rapid speed of action with complete control of all green plant tissue within 1-7 days
  • Increased yields thanks to the timely removal of weeds which reduces competition for light, water, and nutrients
  • Ability to work in all weather conditions. Paraquat is rainfast 15 – 60 minutes after application and its uptake is not dependent on temperature or soil moisture making it particularly well-adapted to tropical agriculture
  • Reduces labor requirements like hand-weeding and is highly efficient as a tool for inter-row weeding
  • Saves time through its compatibility with other herbicides and fertilizers, enabling several products to be applied in one application
  • Ideal partner in Integrated Weed Management (IWM) programs to control resistant weeds


Field of Application:

Crops Weeds Dose
Tea, Banana, Rubber, Sugarcane and other plantation plants All types of weeds 55 ml/ 10 liter water
Orchard nursery