Stoller Crops Care


Stoller Crops Care, manufactured by StollerUSA, is a liquid plant growth starter that contains Amine Nitrogen 9%, Calcium 9%, Boron 0.1% & other growth supporting co-factors. National AgriCare brings ‘Stoller Crops Care’ to the marketplace in response to growers’ need for more streamlined, cost-effective management of crops and orchard, and for more reliable and tighter harvest of quality yield and fruit. Stoller Crops Care is an aid for extensive root system, wider canopy branching, greener and thicker leaves, stronger pollination through increased pollen viability that led to maximize yield potential.

Stoller Crops Care –Main Features

  • Having Amine Nitrogen ( most efficient form of N) that does not leach or volatize
  • Calcium associated with Amine Nitrogen promotes healthy roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits
  • Boron and other growth enhancing factors  helps maximizing the yield

Mode of Action:

  • Stoller Crop Care contains amine Nitrogen – Release controlled Nitrogen which control excessive vegetative growth
  • Due to the presence of Amine Nitrogen, assimilation of Nitrogen into the plant body is happened as soon as crops care is applied.
  • Calcium with Amine Nitrogen directly works to develop healthy roots, stems, leaves and more flowers and fruits setting.
  • Helps to combat physical disorders and diseases
  • Enhance up take of Ca, N, K, Mg, Zn, Mn and Cu from soil.
  • Boron plays a vital role in flowering (pollen viability) and  fruiting

Use Benefits of Stoller Crop Care

  • Amine Nitrogen play a vital role for balanced plant growth
  • Increase flowering, fruiting, yield and yield quality
  • Helps to combat physical disorders and increase plant immune  system—Plant become drought and disease resistance
  • Resistance develop against diseases such as blossom end rot, cavity spot, Tip burn,
    Black heart, canker, cracking etc.
  • Good establishment even in stress condition
  • Develop dense network of rootlets, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits
  • Helps to prevent YMV (Yellow mosaic virus)
  • Enhance plant uptake of macro and micro fertilizers
  • Plays a vital role for vegetative growth, flowering, fruiting and quality yield

Rate of use and spray timing:

Response to treatment with ‘Crops Care’ can vary depending on variety, stage of growth and local environmental conditions. Growers are therefore advised to use ‘Crops Care’ in small scale tests at the recommended rates before extensive use. Rates may need to be increased or reduced according to local conditions.

Stoller Crops Care dosage rate



Method & Rate

Rice, wheat, maize Increase effective tillering, grain filling, grain weight 150 ml/33 decimal area. Foliar spray before tillering, heading and after flowering
Mango, papaya, Banana, Orange,

Citrus, Coconut

Decrease flower and fruit drop, stronger pollination, increase the size, colour and nutritional value of the fruit. Increase the final yield 150 ml/33 decimal area. Foliar spray: Spray when foliage is dry. Use sufficient water volume to give thorough coverage of plants. Activity results from chemical uptake by young green stem tissue
Pulse and oils, groundnut, Cotton Increase number and weight of  grain, increase oil content,

In cotton-decrease boll drop and increase the boll size

20 ml/ 10  L water. Foliar spray at vegetative and pre-flowering stage.
Potato, Tomato, Chilli, Brinjal, Bean, yeard long bean, Okra, water melon, cucumber, Bottle gourd, pumpkin, bitter gourd, teasel gourd, snake gourd squash and amaranthus Increase the flowering buds, more flowers and strong pollination, increase the femaleness of flower, prevent flower & fruit drop, continued fruit set, better size and shape 20 ml/ 10  L water. Foliar spray at vegetative, pre-flowering and after flowering