Rooton is a powder plant rooting hormone, containing the organic compound ‘1-Naphthyle Acetic Acid (NAA)’ that belongs to the auxin family. Rooton plays an important role in root initiation and lateral root development of young plants when applied at early vegetative stage, and prevent premature flower and fruit drop for a longer period when applied at pre-flowering stage of plant. As a result, Rooton can increase yield of field crops such as rice, wheat, brinjal, potato, chili, cabbage, cauliflower, bean, peas, mustard, onion and other vegetables as well as in fruit gardens such as banana, pineapple, mango, jackfruit, coconut, citrus, guava, grape etc. through applying at early growth , and at pre-blossom stage. In the seed bed and fruit nursery, Rooton is very effective for the vigorous growth of sampling. In micro propagation or stem cutting of various plants, Rooton is highly recommended to add in the planting media for the survival of propagating materials.

Applicable crops & dosage rates:

Crops Dosage rates (33 decimal area)
Grain crops such as rice, wheat, barly, etc 1-2 kg
Cucurbitaceous crops such as bottle gourd, pumpkin, bitter gourd, teasel gourd, snake gourd, cucumber, water melon, musk melon etc 1 kg
Vegetable crops such as potato, tomato, brinjal, Chilli, okra, beans,  cauliflower, cabbage, turnip, carrot etc 1-2kg
Spice crops such as onion, garlic, ginger, tarmaric, coriander etc 1 kg
Fruit plants such as banana, orange, pineapple, papaya, mango, citrus etc 10-50 gm/ plant
Pulse and oil crops 1 kg
Maize, sugarcane and betel leaf 1-2 kg