National AgriCare Hybrid Seeds Ltd.

Started in 2008, National AgriCare Hybrid Seeds Ltd strives to supply quality seeds of rice, maize and recently vegetables that enable farmers to maximize farm’s productivity. It offers rice and maize seeds of different varieties and types under two strong portfolios - hybrid seeds and inbred seeds that make our customers a great choice to grow.

Hybrid Seeds:

The super hybrid rice brand JANOKRAJ (SQR-6, coarse grain rice) developed by Chongqing Zhong Yi Seed Co. China has gradually gained huge popularity among rice growers, and now enjoying the monopoly support in the hybrid rice market due to its highest yield, cold & drought hardiness, disease resistance and no shattering loss. In order to meet the huge demand of JANOKRAJ (SQR-6) in the country, National AgriCare Hybrid Seeds Ltd has been allowed to breed this variety locally in addition to import from China. With the dedicated and specialized production team, National AgriCare Hybrid Seeds Ltd has been doing JANOKRAJ (SQR-6) hybrid rice seed production on commercial scale in last three consecutive years at local farms. For this production, parental CMS “A” line and “R” line are being imported from the main hybrid company Chongqing Zhong Yi Seed Co. China. Besides, NAHS has introduced recently a new hybrid rice brand NATIONAL AGRICARE HYBRID-1 (CQR-166, slender grain rice) imported from Chongqing Zhong Yi Seed Co. China after the final approval of National Seed Board. Moreover, two hybrid maize variety, namely C.P.-988 & C.P.-878 of different genetics, have been marketed across the country that are sourced from world-renowned Thailand seed giant C.P Seeds (India) Ltd. For sowing time, variety C.P. 878 is for robi & kharif seasons, and variety C.P.988 for only early to mid-early robi season. Both varieties are super durable, max. 9 inch long ear packed from tip to base with extra large golden kernels.

Rice Seeds:

Variety: Janokraj (SQR-6)
Special Characteristics:
  • Resistant variety to cold and drought.
  • Sterility percentage very low.
  • No shattering and lodging tendency.
  • Cooking quality is very good.
Season:Boro and late Boro
Seed rate:5 Kg/acre
Duration:140-145 days
Yield:110-120 Mon/acre

Maize seeds:

Variety: CP-838
No. of Storied:
10- Storied Residential Building
Special Characteristics:
  • Single cross hybrid
  • Excellent seed setting with complete tip filling.
  • Good lodging tolerance.
  • Uniform placement of cobs.
  • Stable and consistent yielder.
  • Disease and insect tolerance
Seed rate:7-8 Kg/acre
Duration:140-150 days
Yield:10-12 MT/ha
Inbred Seeds:

Under the portfolio of HYV rice seed, National AgriCare Hybrid Seeds Ltd provides ten varieties after commercially multiplying from breeder seeds in contact grower’s farms followed by adherence to strict quality test methods in maintaining inventory, collection and processing. These varieties are: For Boro Season: BR 26, BRRI Dhan 28, BRRI Dhan 29, BRRI Dhan 58 & BRRI Dhan 74. For Aman Season: BR 11, BRRI Dhan 34, BRRI Dhan 49, BRRI Dhan 52 & BINA-7. Before making available to customers, these seeds are automatically packed and tagged based on the quality test report. To do these processes smoothly with strict quality methods, National AgriCare Hybrid Seeds Ltd has initiated infrastructure facility SEED PROCESSING CENTRE (SPC) in Bogra with a total area of 220 decimal lands that will be divided in different units fulfilling the collection, processing, storing, testing and packaging.

Vegetable Seeds:

In 2018, National AgriCare Hybrid Seeds Ltd has stepped into production and sale of supreme quality vegetable seeds to address the increasing demand of vegetables in Bangladesh. The seeds of different vegetables included bottle gourd, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, snake gourd, water melon, yard-long bean, country bean, okra, red amaranth, stem amaranth, bringal and Chilli, which have traits of increased yield and quality, increased storage life and better pest control. These seeds are currently being produced from breeder seeds at local farms under strict and continued supervision of expertise team.