We are the first and only WDG/WP manufacturer in Bangladesh

What Is WDG (Water Dispersible Granular):

WDGs also known as WGs, are an eco-friendly non-dusty granular (range 0.2 to 4 mμ) pesticide formulation which disperses or dissolves quickly when added to water in the spray tank to give a fine particle suspension. WDGs are an attractive alternative to Wettable Powder (WP) formulations due to their reduction in dust production. WDG was developed first in early 1980s in Europe as new generation pesticide formulation. With having advantages over traditional pesticide formulations, WDGs became one of the most popular pesticides formulations in the world.

Why WDGs Are Very Popular To Farmers:

Among the pesticide formulations, WDGs are considered safer and more convenient pesticides formulations. Due to its multiple conveniences, WDGs are very popular to farmers in Bangladesh. Moreover, this formulation is nowadays viewed much favorably by registration authorities in Bangladesh. Hence, most of the pesticide companies are preferably registered their ‘generic’ or ‘me-too’ products in WDG formulations. The major benefits derived from WDGs are:
1. More easily measured and mixed
2. No inhalation hazard to applicator while measuring and mixing.
3. No clog of spray nozzles and screens.
4. Easy to field application and transportation.
5. Package disposal easier to deal with
6. High loading of active ingredient is possible (up to 90%)

Present Trend Of WDG Formulated Products In Bangladesh:

A total number of 607 WDG brands under 51 active ingredients or combinations are currently registered in Bangladesh, with a yearly estimated sales volume of 653MT that makes a turnover of Tk. 3250 million from the sales of WDG products. Of the total brands, 527 belong to insecticide group, 63 under fungicide and only 27 under herbicide. Due to its popularity, most of the active ingredients are being formulated as WDG if disintegration, suspensibility upon dilution and compatibility are not problematic. The WDG market in Bangladesh is growing fast, and expected to be grown at an average rate of 10-15 percent per year.

WDG Manufacturing Plant- First-Time In Bangladesh:

National AgriCare Import & Export Ltd., a subsidiary of National AgriCare Group plans to set up a WDG manufacturing plant, first of its kind in the country, aiming to be the leader in the import-dominated WDG pesticide market. The company has already approved the project to be built in Bogura, that will be implemented by April’ 2019. The company’s target is to manufacture WDG product to fulfilling the company’s own demand as well as country’s demand, with an objective to supply the quality product to farmers with comparatively lower price, and to reduce the loss of country’s hard earned foreign currency through importation. The works of installing high quality machineries and other sophisticated quality control equipments are going on and hope to go for commercial production between April and June’ 2019. The new plant will manufacture not only WDG formulated products, but also WP formulated products at the same time.

WDG Manufacturing Process (Steps):

The whole manufacturing process of WDG formulation is completed in 6 steps as follows: